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5 Августа 2013
«Bloodhound Gang»: "idiots" had left Russia, and the Investigation Committee commenced the pre-investigation

As stated in the communication department, inspection scheduled, despite the fact that the material has not yet been received from the prosecution, given the special act of cynicism. However, the day before a group allowed to leave the territory of Russia, and will be held as a pre-investigation activities with the subjects to the United States, the Investigative Committee has not yet specify.

How to write "News", the Interior Ministry and Prosecutor General's Office can not decide whether you can sue American musicians of the punk band the criminal case of the desecration of the Russian flag in the Ukraine.

"The extreme in this difficult situation was MIA. According to" News "on Sunday, pre-investigation materials from Anapa were transferred to the Research Affairs of the Krasnodar Territory, where police and local prosecutors all day trying to determine whether to open a criminal case against the musicians" Bloodhound Gang ".

"The decision to open a criminal case is pending. Difficulty lies in the fact that the offense is committed in the territory of another state, and in the Ukrainian Criminal Code has no such qualification, - confessed to" News "in the Interior Ministry. - Now we're trying to figure out if we have the legal grounds for criminal prosecution. "

Vice-Speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Sergei Neverov announced its intention to clarify the circumstances that accompanied the invitation to the Russian rock band from the United States "Bloodhound Gang". To do so will be sent to the corresponding request. Sergei Neverov believes that musicians could work out someone's political order. Vice-speaker intends to find out who made the customer desecration of the flag of the Russian musician from Philadelphia who paid for the desecration of the symbol of Russia.

Matthew Chance, a correspondent for CNN, said: "It seems that Russian nationalists frustrated anger on the members of the American group, which became the center of a furious controversy when at a concert musician desecrated the Russian flag."

At a time when the airport officials refuse to Anapa to say that the attack on the musicians there was to be an American journalist reports: "According to CNN technicians" Bloodhound Gang ", when musicians were trying to get on a plane in the south of Russia, was attacked by a group of Russian nationalists. One of the technicians said that they were beaten with hands and feet, until, in the end, the police did not intervene. "

If the beating was really the place to be, it is still not clear how the people in T-shirts "Kuban Cossacks" were able to break past the musicians who were on duty at the time at the airport of public employees and representatives of the Cossack police squads.

The staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on transport for the Southern Federal District are checking into the publication, video, captures the moment at which the musicians beating "Bloodhound Gang" in the VIP-hall of the airport Anapa. The video clearly shows a group of men burst into the room and begins to beat the airport men, then defiantly throws to the floor and trampled the American flag. In addition, the investigators will send requests for legal assistance to Ukraine and the USA.

Recall, on the eve of members of the American punk band "Bloodhound Gang" during his speech in Odessa desecrated the Russian flag. In the Odessa club "Ibiza" on July 31 in a speech bass guitarist Jared Hasselhoff, saying, "Do not tell me about that Putin!" Russian flag tucked in his pants, pulled it from the back side and threw it into the crowd. August 2 for the desecration of the flag Russian authorities canceled the speech "Bloodhound Gang" at the festival in Anapa "KUBANA" was canceled. When checking out of the hotel group threw tomatoes and eggs. Also, the group "Bloodhound Gang" for failed performance fee received in Anapa.

U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul trick called "Bloodhound Gang" with the Russian flag disgusting. An act of violence against them, captured on video unreliable, he also condemned.

Chelyabinsk Senator Ruslan Gattarov proposed a ban on entry to the Russian punk band "Bloodhound Gang". The politician advised musician desecrate the American flag: "It would be curious to see the public reaction and the subsequent explanations of people from Bloodhound Gang for creative traditions and aesthetics of shocking," - commented Gattarov.

"For me it was a big surprise, because for me this act primarily as the organizer of the festival was quite rude and pig-spit in the direction of the fans who came to the concert of the group of Russian. Course, there is still a political and patriotic aspect, that affects all citizens of the country as a whole. But it is first and foremost an emotional punch of the fans got, because when I came out on stage and talked about what had happened, and said that the decision that was taken of me and the band at the festival will not act, the audience was in a fury that is in respect of an act of musicians. They chanted words no air, where the group should go as a result of this act, they supported me because I said it was a responsible decision for me, "- said Ilya Ostrovsky in an interview to "Rain."

The act did not find a musician and has been criticized by U.S. bloggers. LIFEnews quotes:

"I do not mind people expressing their opinions. But I'm against it, when someone goes to another country, and expresses her disrespect. If these guys do not like Russia, why they went there to speak - to humiliate its citizens? They insulted the Russian people, and the U.S., too, "- says donnie.

"The group came to play in Russia, and expressed contempt for the entire nation," "Disgusting! See to how they would have survived if it did the same in the countries where our embassies are closed today" (the Middle East), "Russian does not need to respect this extremely stupid trash band "- that's the mood of Americans, splashed into the Internet in the wake of the scandal.

"Send them to the Gulag for a while - to see if it comes up to them, which is a mutual respect," - wrote on the forum under the name CNN American SpaceTech. "They would have cost to drive to Siberia for clearing snow - as long as you remove all", - says Roman Ko. "Many of us are outraged. Few months Russian prison would have given them the opportunity to reflect on what American freedoms" - believes keith l.

Group Bloodhound Gang - not the most popular in the U.S. and more in demand in Eastern Europe than at home: "Bloodhound Gang still play? Does anyone know about this?" "I did not know that these exist at all," "I a big fan of them, the music is great. But their trick (with the Russian flag) is absolutely stupid. "

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