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4 Августа 2013
For the desecration of the flag Russian authorities canceled the performance Bloodhound Gang in Anapa

On the eve of members of the American punk band "Bloodhound Gang" during his speech in Odessa desecrated the Russian flag. In the Odessa club "Ibiza" on July 31 in a speech bass guitarist Jared Hasselhoff, saying, "Do not tell me about that Putin!" Russian flag tucked in his pants, pulled it from the back side and threw it into the crowd. As he later admitted, "Novaya Gazeta", this was done in order to please the public. Note that at the time of the Odessa American concert on the stage raised two flags: the Russian and Ukrainian, but chose to act the Russian flag.

"We wanted to please everyone, raised the Russian flag, booed him '" - quoted by a journalist of "Novaya Gazeta" Eugene Feldan musicians. - All that is thrown into the crowd, first wipe up the tradition. "

The journalist also writes: "" Bloodhound Gang "apologize and ask not to be offended."

However, this incident was not without the attention of officials. State Duma deputy Robert Schlegel wrote on his Twitter: "It is clear that the festival" Cuba "in particular, and in Russia as a whole can not let Bloodhound Gang."

According to portal "To yuga.ru," then a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation Anton box-Zemlyanskiy appealed to the law enforcement authorities of the Krasnodar Territory.

"Press Service of the Department of Internal Affairs on edge just now found out that they have there planned international scandal. Chief now watching videos. Transmits the information to the duty of the edge, with reference to the video, etc., formal inquiry as a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation post on Monday, "- he said in his microblog.

Next intervened in the situation Culture Minister Vladimir Medina, who won the ban speech "Bloodhound Gang" in Anapa and wrote about the results of the negotiations on his twitter: "The negotiations with the leadership of the Krasnodar region. Rock Band" Bloodhound Gang "packing his bags. Serve these idiots on Kuban will not. "

Recall that the group "SCOOTER" is also not speak at the "KUBANA" in Anapa.

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