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4 Августа 2013
Departure "Bloodhound Gang" was detained at the airport in Anapa

The publication quoted a source at the airport Anapa writes: "Today is the day in the business hall of the terminal between the musicians and the Cossacks clashed. Nearly an hour of the day the group arrived at the airport. At some point, when the musicians were sitting in the business lounge approached them Two Cossacks strong constitution. Verbal After a brief skirmish fight began. Officers immediately tried to separate them. Cossacks tried to strangle bassist American flag, after an unsuccessful attempt was torn flag in front of the musicians. "

An eyewitness, who was able to quickly identify someone from a business lounge bassist, told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" that he tried to escape to the departure lounge, bypassing the security checkpoint, but airport officials held him by force. Now musicians sit in the VIP-hall of the airport under heavy security, although their scheduled flight has had to go.

Portal "Anapa.info" no confirmed reports that the airport Anapa it was a fight with the musicians of the group "Bloodhoug Gang". However, given the comments why musicians still have not left Anapa.

"Members of" Bloodhound Gang "were to fly from the International Airport Anapa August 3 at 13:15. After landing was declared, the passengers of flight Anapa - Moscow (Domodedovo) got on the plane, their luggage was loaded onto an aircraft. However, law enforcement agencies, it was decided to re-inspect the luggage of all passengers. As a result, the flight was delayed by 40 minutes. passengers all the time were in the sterile area of ​​the airport. since a large number of them were the shuttle, it was decided to send a flight to Moscow with no members group. Currently, foreigners are at the airport. work with them representatives of law enforcement agencies. The issue is being sent to Moscow next flight - said the portal "Anapa.info" manager of public relations "Basel Aero" Anna Shalimova. before the end of today day according to the schedule of Anapa airport will be done two trips to Moscow at 18:50 and 19:55. on one of the famous band members will travel to the capital. "

Ataman Anapa district Cossack society Plotnikov in conversation with "Anapa.info" reported that a similar incident does not know anything.

Recall that today the youth activists threw eggs and tomatoes members of the group "Bloodhound Gang", leaving Russia through the airport Anapa. The Russian authorities have banned the group's performance "Bloodhound Gang" in the second concert of the day of the festival "KUBANA" in Anapa.

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